Stag!! Stag!! Stag!!

I’ve always loved insects, but of all the insects, the stag beetle amazes me the most. They’re massive and the male ones are even massiver (or more massive, for the grammar nazi’s).

Over the last few years I’ve seen many female stag beetles, but never the larger male.

Until last summer… I finally got to see one!

My excitement was short-lived, as its head was missing, it was clearly not well.

From that moment, I decided to sculpt one in 3D and here is the result. Sculpted and painted using 3D Coat, retopo’d in 3D Coat, posed and rendered in LightWave 3D.


I started this when Wimbledon began but totally forgot about it. Started finishing it today… And here it finally is!

Rendered in LightWave 2018.

Furry ball was done using Fiber FX, grass is instancing from my own grass model.

The net is a simple model with a normal map of netting applied. Didn’t really need much more than that for this shot.

I think there’s only one light, and some Global Illumination to make everything look a bit summery.

Turtling…. I’m turtling….

Something that started life as a very quick sketch on a Post-It Note and then modelled and rendered using 3D Coat and LightWave 3D.

The original sketch:

Sculpting was done using spheres in 3dCoat, instead of roughing out using polygons first. Never tried this before, but it seems to work well.

Once sculpted, it was retopo’d and then painted in 3D Coat as well. After this, it was exported to LightWave 3d for the lighting and rendering.