Quick test of 360 degree ‘RenderSpheres’?

I’ve tested these 360 degree images before, but no one else had the ability to view them. Now everyone and their pets can view them on TV’s or Mobile Devices, so I decided to do some tests.

This isn’t my model, it was grabbed from a 3d Render Challenges website from years ago, but I did do the basic lighting. I thought I’d fixed all the errors, but a few still exist and I probably won’t fix those now, but move onto something else.

Rendered in LightWave 2018 using the new VR Camera support.

It even saved the image with the correct EXIF data to load perfectly in Facebook and Google Photos as a photosphere! Nice!

Much simpler than I thought… Now we’re cooking on gas!!!

When I first set up my WordPress site, I instantly installed JetPack (as most people do I think) and let it do its thing.

One thing I didn’t know, it had changed my mobile version of the site to look a bit pap. Sort of plain white, with awful drop-down menus and things.

I’ve only right this second managed to hunt the abysmal design down and you’ll be pleased to know it’s now, well and truly, off! Things are now looking much nicer around here for you mobile folks.

Hopefully no one was too offended by the horrific looking mobile site I’ve had for the past 5 years, but now, I’m pleased to announce, it’s all looking dandy… apologies for the wait 🙂


I started this when Wimbledon began but totally forgot about it. Started finishing it today… And here it finally is!

Rendered in LightWave 2018.

Furry ball was done using Fiber FX, grass is instancing from my own grass model.

The net is a simple model with a normal map of netting applied. Didn’t really need much more than that for this shot.

I think there’s only one light, and some Global Illumination to make everything look a bit summery.

Turtling…. I’m turtling….

Something that started life as a very quick sketch on a Post-It Note and then modelled and rendered using 3D Coat and LightWave 3D.

The original sketch:

Sculpting was done using spheres in 3dCoat, instead of roughing out using polygons first. Never tried this before, but it seems to work well.

Once sculpted, it was retopo’d and then painted in 3D Coat as well. After this, it was exported to LightWave 3d for the lighting and rendering.

Quick Aeroplane Test

The other day I saw a nice aeroplane animation, and was surprised how realistic it looked but thought it might be fairly easy to replicate. So as a quick test I thought I’d try the same thing.
The camera just has a bit of shake, the plane isn’t moving through the scene, and nor is the camera… Just added some vapour trails to make it look like everything was moving.

3ds Max Tutorial… For free!

I don’t normally do tutorials, but as I use 3ds Max all day, I find handy things that I’m certain can help people out.

This particular issue I had struggled with for years, and couldn’t find anything online to help with the problem… So, if you watch my video below, you won’t suffer from the same Anisotropic Arch & Design Shader woes that I endured for a long time!



Fix Anisotropic Shading ‘Pole’

ebuyer ebot animation

My latest piece of work.
Commissioned by MRL Agency – Leeds.

Hope you like it… Make sure you share it with your friends if you enjoy it.

Ebuyer Imaginarium was an event held in Leeds by Ebuyer to show some if its stuff to high profile customers like HP, Intel and Microsoft.
This ebot presentation was created for the opening of the event! ☺