Welcome to my website!

My name is Tim, and my company is LairdSquared and I’ve been doing 3D and animation related things for over 20 years!

All of my work over the last decade cannot be shown for non-disclosure reasons… but I am now trying to do more work in my spare time and add it to my portfolio. This is mainly so I can show that my work has evolved a bit, rather than most of it originating from 2004 (and looking like it does.)

If you are in need of 3D, animation, illustrations, motion graphics, camera matching 3D objects into filmed backgrounds or even just some 3D modelling or texturing work, please get in touch, I’d be happy to assist 😀

I hope you enjoy browsing some of my older work… please hold tight for some of the newer stuff!

Signing off…


tim at lairdsquared dot co dot uk

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