ChronoSculpt??… What’s all this then?

A completely new piece of 3d software, that appears to have carved its very own little niché in the 3d software market, was released as a pre-release purchase at Siggraph 2013 this July. Only $399 apparently!

The software specialises where no other application has done in the past… so, it deals specifically with editing PointCache files after they have been calculated/animated/been put through all of their pre-processing stages. ChronoSculpt imports any popular formats of 3d objects and point cache files (including the latest Alembic OpenSource format developed at ILM) and then leaves you to sculpt away on the meshes, pinning objects, moving them, re-animating them etc. but all the edits stay in place during the course of any animation.

Totally in awe of the speed of the mesh sculpting, especially on a 12 million polygon model, but it’s the much-needed niché that it’s carved that I find most impressive. Who’d have thought such a unique and useful product would even be envisaged, let alone made possible by the clever bods (well, 2 programmers and 2 concept guys) at NewTek.


Good work guys… please follow the links below to get more info.